Brian took off to the bar with relief. He could certainly do with a drink himself. He deftly poured himself vodka and gulped it down. Although he was looking forward to this evening, nothing had prepared him for this. On ringing the bell continuously, just when he was about to give up, the door had been flung open and the sight had shaken him up. The rest he had acted on autopilot. The scenes of the last past few minutes raced past his head, which got him to make himself another drink. He needed to get a control on himself. Feeling the soothing heat of the liquid going down his throat, he felt calmer.ES_romance_712x407_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Center

Taking the glasses he rushed and handed over Amanda’s drink to her. The smile which she gave him as her thanks had his heart skip a beat. ‘Look ‘he said’ if you don’t feel up to it we can do this another day.’

‘No, I’m fine. ‘She said.’ Besides we don’t have much time left. The wedding is only a few days away. I’ll just change and be back in 5 minutes.’  Saying that she left.

ALRIGHT, he thought to himself, she wants to do this for real, desperately. All the more reason for him to fall in line .OK, he had had wanted to kiss her back there at the sofa but what the hell. He had contained himself, hadn’t he? Of course he was just being sensitive to her situation and he found himself wanting to ,. That was it .OK, so what was wrong with that? He was after all committed to his career and by signing on the contract of a reasonably big production house; he had no time for fooling around.

However tempting the situation   in front of him may be.

Still lost in his thoughts, he heard the clicking of her heels as she approached him. He turned his head towards as he stood up. The sudden need to take in his breath, stumped him. He tried hard not to stare. She looked absolutely stunning in a short black dress. Her creamy complexion being highlighted stood out and her legs of course were so mesmerizing, he could hardly take his eyes away.

‘I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting; I’m ready to leave now’ her soft words brought him to his senses. ‘Oh yes of course’ he spoke out and exited out. He rounded up the car while she locked up and then settled her in before driving away.

Her mild perfume filled the car and he breathed it in. He was already having a difficult time trying not to devour her bare legs with his eyes. He tried to divert his gaze and met her glance with his own. She smiled sweetly, not knowing the havoc she was creating. He straightened and gripping the steering tightly, he tried to focus on driving the car.

Amanda was having trouble of her own. After all it was not every day that such a hunk showed up at her doorstep. She still had not recovered fully from the earlier escapade, although she tried not to show. His long fingers gripping the wheel were looking totally in command. The fine hair at the back of his hand glistened smoothly in the dim light and disappeared under the long sleeve of his shirt. She suddenly felt the urge to touch the shinning hair on the back of his hand, just to see if they fall back in place, if she were to stroke it. She clasped her hands tightly in the front, on her lap, scolding herself mentally.

No sooner had they started, they came to a halt.

Amanda looked around surprised. Why was Brian halting here? He went around the car to open the door for her. Seeing the look of question in her eyes he smiled, ‘we do need to have rings, if we are to be married, don’t we?’ She turned her gaze past him and found they were standing in front of a jewelry store. Realization dawned on her face and she smiled back ‘oh yes, I had not thought of that’.

This guy was a thorough professional , and here she was trying to day dream to her heart’s content!

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Mathris/Tea Time Crispy Savory Snacks

Tea time can never be as fulfilling, as when there is a serving of mathris or tea time crispy savory snacks being passed around. They are also ideal to be had whenever hunger strikes….just a bite or two in your mouth… and you’r good to go.
They look deceptively easy to make,…. you need to be adaptive to be doing 2 or 3 things all at once….but once the methodology is conquered…… it’s a cakewalk! 
Whats more you can stock them up to be eaten at will.
A few tips:
  • many people either put Black Peppercorns or carom seeds but i like to use both…peppercorn for flavor and carom seeds help in digestion…it is fried after all.
  • please do not heat the oil to smoking point ….the rounds will burn instantly on the outside…leaving the inside uncooked.
  • I personally like to roll them up thin ….it turns out to be more crispy….hate the bulky thick versions.
  • Do not fry too many of them at one time….they will remain uncooked…
  • PLEASE TAKE CARE TO STORE THEM WELL IN AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS…if you want them to crispy for long.
Mathris or Tea Time Crispy Savory Snacks
2 cups  Refined Flour
1/4th cup fine Semolina  
2 tsp Salt 
1/2 tsp whole Black Peppercorns (pounded slightly)or you can also use carom seeds
1/8th tsp Baking Powder 
2 tbsp Curd / Plain Yogurt 
7 tbsp warm Water 
4 tbsp melted Ghee or clarified butter /  or you can also very easily use Oil 
 Oil for deep frying 
  • Mix the flour, salt ,cracked pepper and baking powder in a bowl.
  • Add the ghee and rub between your palms until it takes the form of breadcrumbs.
  • Add the curd  and give it a further rub. 
  • Add water and form a firm dough by kneading it for about 8 mins .
  • Cover with the damp cloth and set aside for 30 minutes.
  • Divide the dough into small balls and roll out all the balls.
  • Heat the oil in a deep-frying pan.
  • Fry the rolled out dough in a batch over moderate heat.
  • Do not allow the rounds to become brown, they should remain golden in color.
  • Remove and drain on paper towels.
  • Repeat the process. 
  • Store only when cooled in airtight boxes.
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I fell in love with life again!

‘I fell in love with life again!’… exactly my thoughts echoing in this blog…read it !have fun!

If there is any magic in this world...

There are many stories out there, stories that can be told, stories that can inspire people, there are stories that are funny or stories that are motivating people or simply are beautiful, but there are also stories that can’t be told, because it is impossible to express in words their significance! You keep it in your soul and treasure it!

I was planning to write a story about my race and about me, but in this short trip to the absolutely wonderful countryside village at 1000 m altitude in the Carpathian mountains, I’ve learned that there are so much more interesting things to talk and think about!

All I can say is that I FELL IN LOVE with the world again, I hopelessly fell in love with life, and I fell in love with the wonderful mountains, but most of all I fell in love with the people, the people…

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It’s summer time again!


Time off from the school for the kids!

Time to sit back and relax and take time out for some fun…

Time to rejuvenate… 

No, certainly not in this heat…

But  somewhere far away from this maddening chaos of daily life…

Wanted to share with you all, some of the pics which i have clicked during one of many summer breaks …..

In the lap of these heavenly mountains…..


Just looking at these fills me with a sense of wonder

Gives me hope too…

That ,like them i too will always stand tall….

Never defeated,  will certainly never fall.


I am a summer person

I like a bright shinning day, any time  to a gloomy ,dull one

Crisp bright mornings…

And silent cool nights.


Looking forward already …..

to my next visit to the mountains


Difficult to say bye, yet again

But I soon will be back….. again


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As soon as Amanda turned, her foot slid on the puddle of water, which obviously was the result of her hasty retreat from the bath tub. As she collapsed, a strange thought flashed through her head that the only place she was going anywhere this evening would probably be the hospital…and braced for head to hit to hit the floor! My God!… this was getting from bad to worse….when just than she felt a pair of strong arms coming out of almost nowhere and magically scoop her up. She was stunned both from her fall, and again from being rescued and seeing her rescuers face staring in intimately at her own face.
After a brief moment of concern, Brian’s expression changed over when his glance moved downwards. Without looking down, Amanda knew by watching his face that her robe had most certainly come undone .She tried to deftly cover herself up but could not get her hands to move fast enough, owing to her shocked stupor. She heard him mumbling something but could not register what .Dear God in heaven, this day could not possibly get any more dramatic, for sure Amanda thought and could not decide whether to laugh or to cry.
She cringed and shut her eyes and the next thing she knew was that she was being carried away .He laid her down gently on the , and she felt him holding her shoulders and shaking her up.’ Amanda are you alright? …..Amanda look at me…please open your eyes, Amanda!’She gingerly opened her eyes to immediately see his face in her line of vision.
His face was close, very close to hers. Heavens she thought, he looked like a Greek God from this up close and immediately closed her eyes again ,scared that he might read her thoughts.’ Brian, its ok… I’m fine… ‘She said. The next thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Brian kneeling down at her foot and trying to move her ankle all around. The feel of his fingers moving around gently on her skin sent strange waves of currents up Amanda’s legs. She jolted up from the couch sitting upright and spoke louder ‘Brian …I’m really alright’.
Seeing him blow a sigh of relief gave her more courage to declare herself in one piece. She gently placed her feet on the ground and tried getting up on her feet. She knew she’d probably acted too fast when she felt the room swimming around her. She felt Brian’s hands go around her to hold her up. Her hands too automatically landed on his shoulders and she felt herself hanging onto him. ’ Its ok’, he said ‘I’ve got you’ Oh sure he had had got her .Totally. She was completely awe-struck and mesmerized by his Greek looks.
She looked at him and felt him staring at her. His gaze left her eyes and slowly moved down to her lips and she’d swear she saw awareness enter his face and he immediately covered it up with a blank look. Of course he was not thinking of kissing her! She thought laughingly! She did really not seem to be alright after all, as she had thought!
Putting her away from himself he seated her on the couch once again.’Let me get you some brandy, it’ll do you some good’ And moved away towards the minuscule bar that she had decorated in the other corner of the living room.

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Well, well ,well,I’m getting to enjoy to blog…quite a lot!


Who would have thought that I, a rather shy person,  could ever speak my mind out to so many people,as and too at my own convenience,  when i gather time from my so many monotonous household chores and that too at the comfort of my home!Try as i may like, I could never make so many friends!… and then get them to listen to my babbling too!

What i’m thinking of is, what  a great platform this place is for all of us to come together and share our mind, views, opinions…and follow each others thoughts, irrespective of our religion ,caste or creed.I mean we don’t ever go back on a particular blog to see where’s this person from before starting to ‘comment ‘or’ like’…. (God  forbid those who do…), or say to ourselves that he’s of a different colour, so i’m going to refrain from following his blog or liking it!

We all know what a great feeling it is to be appreciated ,in however small a form of expression  it may be in…..and  we CERTAINLY  DO NOT go back and see the origination of the person who has liked or commented on our views.We then become magnanimous and approve of them all.

Wouldn’t it be  such a beautiful world ,if we can carry  this kind of an attitude from within the confines of our computer screens to our everyday lives… where each one is there for the other.. always supporting, always encouraging,and getting encouraged and making each passable day, creating more value in our otherwise monotonous and robotic lives! We might then become more tolerant,more sympathetic and make this world a more tolerant and peaceful place,where we can express our views freely, without getting overwrought or distraught of hurting anyone’s sentiments…..

…The world of blogging is,certainly, such a place……let’s each do our best!

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The blessed day looked like it would never end.It was only lunch time and Amanda was exhausted.Having gone without sleep for yet another night, Amanda most certainly felt like a zombie.She had been on her feet the whole day.She had no stamina to indulge in the non stop chattering going on at the lunch table in the teachers staff room.All she could think of was of putting up her feet and shutting her eyes.. if only for a little while..!Why did that bring to her mind a picture of a four-poster bed and that of a picture of Brian immediately succeeding that she had no idea. That reminded her of the upcoming ‘meeting’ in the evening.She grimaced inwardly..and wondered if she would even be able to make it, given her state.Her first reaction was to lump it all .. but then she told herself that this was not for herself but she was doing this to make her family happy!
By the time she rushed back home,she looked and truly felt like a ragged doll.She had only an hour and a half before Brian came to collect her.She could’nt handle the thought of getting ready to spend an evening with an imposter… even if that imposter was that of her own making…She was tired of making her life work out but knew that she no choise but to go with the flow…
She struggled to get up and make herself a glass of iced tea.Taking a sip she felt better and piled up her glass with more ice… hoping to somehow refresh herself.She strolled to her closet to pick up an appropriate dress and zeroed on a short little black dress,which was sleeveless and had straight cut..ok it was a bit short,she reflected but she was not a nun either to have a habit in her wardrobe!
Deciding to soak herself in a bath she generously added some heavenly smelling bathing salts and instantly felt herself loosening up.Thank God for small mercies in life..she prayed and sank further in the tub.
Amanda woke up with a start to the sound of the door bell ringing incessantly. Oh my God! She had slept off.She literally jumped out of the bath tub and without drying herself got into a cotton spun
bathrobe and hurried to open the door, hoping that the towelled robe would absorb all the water up.
The door bell continued to ring on. Amanda threw open the door in haste to be greeted by a bouquet of red roses in full bloom.Standing behind the huge bunch was Brian handsomely dressed in a back formal shirt with matching formal trousers.Seeing such a sight ,standing at her door, made Amanda go weak in her knees.
It seemed to her that Brian too obviously did not know what to say looking at her dishevelled state, for he was just staring at her like a moron.But then Amanda thought that she saw him shaking his head… whether at her or not she couldn’t be sure.Brian extended the flowers to her, flustering her further, saying’ I got these for you.For a couple of minutes there I thought you’ve changed your mind about going through with the deal and wouldn’t open the door!” Seeing the confused look on her face ,he smiled and thrust the flowers in her hand.Watching her stare questioningly at them.. his grin faded away.’Just rehearsing!’ he said jokingly… ‘won’t do us any harm!’
She cleared her throat,feeling very conscious of her short pink robe.She struggled to stop her fingers from going on tugging the robe all the time. As she pulled the robe down, it would give way on the top…probably showing her cleavage and more… and as she gathered the robe at her chest, the robe would hitch up again.As she juggled with her robe and the flowers,she finally managed to find her voice ‘thank you, I’m so sorry I’m late, ‘She blushed and said ‘you wont believe this but i went to sleep in the bath tub!Please give me 10 minutes.. I’ve just got to change and I’m done. Why don’t you help yourself to a drink, I’ll just be back.’Saying that she turned abruptly and made a dash to flee to her room.

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A little bit of chit chat

Hi Folks! As you can see i’v been away for quite some time… the reason for which being that I had a lot of  pending house work to finish.But I was missing not being able to blog and share my feelings of what it takes to be a stay at home mom of three ….and so here I am ..and I have created a new menu  and thus place for me to just generally chit chat with all of you out there.

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imagesone of my favourite authers

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‘Er… yes hi!’ she managed to croak. ‘Nice to meet you’.Settling in comfortably on the chair opposite hers he said ‘You know this feels a little uncanny but knowing your  full story, I’m ready to do this. So shoot out the details-I’m your man’.

Only when the words had left his mouth,.. did he realize what he had said.He saw the girl sitting opposite him start to colour fast until her long  beautiful neck turned all of red.He had been told to meet this ‘sweet’ thing that her friend had called her.Her name was Amanda, a school teacher,aged35 who was desperate to get married but unsuccessful so far.She so was now plotting to set matters right for her family’s benefit and so required his services.He had imagined this girl to be a stern looking bespectacled woman wanting to prove to the world that she too could was capable of making a boy friend.He had agreed thinking it would be easy for him -just another assignment.For a minute he had even considered this client of his to be a lesbian… wanting her family to know otherwise!

He never on earth had imagined to meet such a swan like creature,with a throat that was slim and long and went on forever and joined an almost perfect featured face!Her long raven black hair was left loose and stumbled onto her shoulders and back.And her eyes,the colour of which reminded him of soft blue quietly flowing clouds contrasted well with her soft pink skin.

Her expression and body language however,seemed to convey fright and hesitation . He wondered why would this lady want to create any fake relation.!. Hell they didn’t have creatures like these teach when he was at school!He may even have taken more interest in studies then!Lost in the mesmerising motions of her hands which moved when she spoke, he suddenly realised that she had said something to him and was waiting for a response.’I’m sorry -what did you say again?’he replied.

‘What I was saying is that this is probably not going to work out.’

Oh hell no- why was she saying that-just when he was starting to enjoy this!’ Why ?’, He asked.’Do I not look capable as an actor?’.Or worse still he thought to himself- maybe she did not find him up to her standards.

‘No no it’s not that’.. ,she hesitated.’.maybe this might not work out for the simple reason that’ …she halted lowering her eyes ,thinking ..’that everyone might not believe in this ..i mean ..’ she looked up and faced him squarely …’i mean you and me as a couple… they may wonder how did I land up with such a catch!’she  proclaimed and released a pent up breathe.

Chocking hard on a cough that came out of nowhere,Brian struggled to sit up straight and camouflage his expression.Did he hear that right!Was she suggesting that she didn’t think that she was attractive enough to find herself some company!

He was truly intrigued!

He  found that he wanted to know more of this mysterious person.Clearing his throat,the next thing, he found himself  convincing her-maybe everyone would be too busy enjoying themselves at the wedding to hardly notice such a fact,he reasoned.He did not know who was he fooling,her or himself. He saw confused emotions skirt across her face but kept silent  wanting this to be her decision.

 Feeling a bit assured by his line of thought.. she blinked a few times and  then nodding her head  seemed to make up her mind and said ‘Alright Mr. Brian, we’ll go ahead and meet up at Uncle Fred’s dinner on Friday.Dear uncle Fred, you see is throwing a dinner gala, a masquerade actually at his huge mansion, in honour of the bride and groom to be.Uncle Fred had been the one to actually stand up to help us at the time of my dad’s passing away.We as a family are very indebted to him. Besides Uncle Fred and I do share a special bond together. That’s why I do not want any thing to be out of order on that day.’

‘So that’s the first lot of partying,’ she filled him on ‘then following that would be the rehearsal for the wedding at the church  followed by the Stag and Doe party that night.And then Sunday would be the THE DAY!’

‘Oh please call me Brian.Don’t you think Amanda, if I may call you so, now that we’ve agreed to be officially engaged- we should get to know each other a bit more… you know our likes, dislikes… and so on, so that there are no slip ups.If we do not catch up on information,there’s a high chance of us getting caught!’- he smiled impishly. ‘Why don’t we spend an evening together tomorrow?’he asked.

‘Yes  I see you have a point’ spoke Amanda, suddenly feeling lack of air in the small cafe.’Lets meet at The Regency for dinner- we can talk in solitude as it’s quiet and peaceful there’, she spoke fast ,wanting to bring  this to an end. 

‘Sure thing!’ he said  smiling.’Why don’t I drop you off to your place’ he said when Amanda started to stand.

‘No no that’s fine.’Amanda started to reply.’No please this way I can at least know where you are staying…and come back later to pick you up for dinner tomorrow’, he insisted.It was obvious Amanda was not using her head at all.She gave him credit that at least he was thinking straight, unlike her.Oh God !she did have to get a hold of herself or she might land up falling flat on her face.That was the last thing she wanted wasn’t that the reason why she had agreed to this set up?

They both exited the cafe together and to Amanda they both looked like a couple- a fake one of course she grimaced, thinking to herself.He was already flagging down a taxi and waited for her to give the address.Opening up the door he escorted her to her seat and ran around the other side to sit next to her rather than in the front.

‘We are a couple’,he said winking mischievously, echoing her own thoughts,thus unnerving her.Not knowing what to do she smiled weakly at him and glanced away.

This guy was a fine actor alright! An actor who knew his lines!

A great looking one at that, whose looks could kill!

Did she stand a chance of not succumbing to his charms! Continue reading

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