‘Er… yes hi!’ she managed to croak. ‘Nice to meet you’.Settling in comfortably on the chair opposite hers he said ‘You know this feels a little uncanny but knowing your  full story, I’m ready to do this. So shoot out the details-I’m your man’.

Only when the words had left his mouth,.. did he realize what he had said.He saw the girl sitting opposite him start to colour fast until her long  beautiful neck turned all of red.He had been told to meet this ‘sweet’ thing that her friend had called her.Her name was Amanda, a school teacher,aged35 who was desperate to get married but unsuccessful so far.She so was now plotting to set matters right for her family’s benefit and so required his services.He had imagined this girl to be a stern looking bespectacled woman wanting to prove to the world that she too could was capable of making a boy friend.He had agreed thinking it would be easy for him -just another assignment.For a minute he had even considered this client of his to be a lesbian… wanting her family to know otherwise!

He never on earth had imagined to meet such a swan like creature,with a throat that was slim and long and went on forever and joined an almost perfect featured face!Her long raven black hair was left loose and stumbled onto her shoulders and back.And her eyes,the colour of which reminded him of soft blue quietly flowing clouds contrasted well with her soft pink skin.

Her expression and body language however,seemed to convey fright and hesitation . He wondered why would this lady want to create any fake relation.!. Hell they didn’t have creatures like these teach when he was at school!He may even have taken more interest in studies then!Lost in the mesmerising motions of her hands which moved when she spoke, he suddenly realised that she had said something to him and was waiting for a response.’I’m sorry -what did you say again?’he replied.

‘What I was saying is that this is probably not going to work out.’

Oh hell no- why was she saying that-just when he was starting to enjoy this!’ Why ?’, He asked.’Do I not look capable as an actor?’.Or worse still he thought to himself- maybe she did not find him up to her standards.

‘No no it’s not that’.. ,she hesitated.’.maybe this might not work out for the simple reason that’ …she halted lowering her eyes ,thinking ..’that everyone might not believe in this ..i mean ..’ she looked up and faced him squarely …’i mean you and me as a couple… they may wonder how did I land up with such a catch!’she  proclaimed and released a pent up breathe.

Chocking hard on a cough that came out of nowhere,Brian struggled to sit up straight and camouflage his expression.Did he hear that right!Was she suggesting that she didn’t think that she was attractive enough to find herself some company!

He was truly intrigued!

He  found that he wanted to know more of this mysterious person.Clearing his throat,the next thing, he found himself  convincing her-maybe everyone would be too busy enjoying themselves at the wedding to hardly notice such a fact,he reasoned.He did not know who was he fooling,her or himself. He saw confused emotions skirt across her face but kept silent  wanting this to be her decision.

 Feeling a bit assured by his line of thought.. she blinked a few times and  then nodding her head  seemed to make up her mind and said ‘Alright Mr. Brian, we’ll go ahead and meet up at Uncle Fred’s dinner on Friday.Dear uncle Fred, you see is throwing a dinner gala, a masquerade actually at his huge mansion, in honour of the bride and groom to be.Uncle Fred had been the one to actually stand up to help us at the time of my dad’s passing away.We as a family are very indebted to him. Besides Uncle Fred and I do share a special bond together. That’s why I do not want any thing to be out of order on that day.’

‘So that’s the first lot of partying,’ she filled him on ‘then following that would be the rehearsal for the wedding at the church  followed by the Stag and Doe party that night.And then Sunday would be the THE DAY!’

‘Oh please call me Brian.Don’t you think Amanda, if I may call you so, now that we’ve agreed to be officially engaged- we should get to know each other a bit more… you know our likes, dislikes… and so on, so that there are no slip ups.If we do not catch up on information,there’s a high chance of us getting caught!’- he smiled impishly. ‘Why don’t we spend an evening together tomorrow?’he asked.

‘Yes  I see you have a point’ spoke Amanda, suddenly feeling lack of air in the small cafe.’Lets meet at The Regency for dinner- we can talk in solitude as it’s quiet and peaceful there’, she spoke fast ,wanting to bring  this to an end. 

‘Sure thing!’ he said  smiling.’Why don’t I drop you off to your place’ he said when Amanda started to stand.

‘No no that’s fine.’Amanda started to reply.’No please this way I can at least know where you are staying…and come back later to pick you up for dinner tomorrow’, he insisted.It was obvious Amanda was not using her head at all.She gave him credit that at least he was thinking straight, unlike her.Oh God !she did have to get a hold of herself or she might land up falling flat on her face.That was the last thing she wanted wasn’t that the reason why she had agreed to this set up?

They both exited the cafe together and to Amanda they both looked like a couple- a fake one of course she grimaced, thinking to herself.He was already flagging down a taxi and waited for her to give the address.Opening up the door he escorted her to her seat and ran around the other side to sit next to her rather than in the front.

‘We are a couple’,he said winking mischievously, echoing her own thoughts,thus unnerving her.Not knowing what to do she smiled weakly at him and glanced away.

This guy was a fine actor alright! An actor who knew his lines!

A great looking one at that, whose looks could kill!

Did she stand a chance of not succumbing to his charms!

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