The blessed day looked like it would never end.It was only lunch time and Amanda was exhausted.Having gone without sleep for yet another night, Amanda most certainly felt like a zombie.She had been on her feet the whole day.She had no stamina to indulge in the non stop chattering going on at the lunch table in the teachers staff room.All she could think of was of putting up her feet and shutting her eyes.. if only for a little while..!Why did that bring to her mind a picture of a four-poster bed and that of a picture of Brian immediately succeeding that she had no idea. That reminded her of the upcoming ‘meeting’ in the evening.She grimaced inwardly..and wondered if she would even be able to make it, given her state.Her first reaction was to lump it all .. but then she told herself that this was not for herself but she was doing this to make her family happy!
By the time she rushed back home,she looked and truly felt like a ragged doll.She had only an hour and a half before Brian came to collect her.She could’nt handle the thought of getting ready to spend an evening with an imposter… even if that imposter was that of her own making…She was tired of making her life work out but knew that she no choise but to go with the flow…
She struggled to get up and make herself a glass of iced tea.Taking a sip she felt better and piled up her glass with more ice… hoping to somehow refresh herself.She strolled to her closet to pick up an appropriate dress and zeroed on a short little black dress,which was sleeveless and had straight cut..ok it was a bit short,she reflected but she was not a nun either to have a habit in her wardrobe!
Deciding to soak herself in a bath she generously added some heavenly smelling bathing salts and instantly felt herself loosening up.Thank God for small mercies in life..she prayed and sank further in the tub.
Amanda woke up with a start to the sound of the door bell ringing incessantly. Oh my God! She had slept off.She literally jumped out of the bath tub and without drying herself got into a cotton spun
bathrobe and hurried to open the door, hoping that the towelled robe would absorb all the water up.
The door bell continued to ring on. Amanda threw open the door in haste to be greeted by a bouquet of red roses in full bloom.Standing behind the huge bunch was Brian handsomely dressed in a back formal shirt with matching formal trousers.Seeing such a sight ,standing at her door, made Amanda go weak in her knees.
It seemed to her that Brian too obviously did not know what to say looking at her dishevelled state, for he was just staring at her like a moron.But then Amanda thought that she saw him shaking his head… whether at her or not she couldn’t be sure.Brian extended the flowers to her, flustering her further, saying’ I got these for you.For a couple of minutes there I thought you’ve changed your mind about going through with the deal and wouldn’t open the door!” Seeing the confused look on her face ,he smiled and thrust the flowers in her hand.Watching her stare questioningly at them.. his grin faded away.’Just rehearsing!’ he said jokingly… ‘won’t do us any harm!’
She cleared her throat,feeling very conscious of her short pink robe.She struggled to stop her fingers from going on tugging the robe all the time. As she pulled the robe down, it would give way on the top…probably showing her cleavage and more… and as she gathered the robe at her chest, the robe would hitch up again.As she juggled with her robe and the flowers,she finally managed to find her voice ‘thank you, I’m so sorry I’m late, ‘She blushed and said ‘you wont believe this but i went to sleep in the bath tub!Please give me 10 minutes.. I’ve just got to change and I’m done. Why don’t you help yourself to a drink, I’ll just be back.’Saying that she turned abruptly and made a dash to flee to her room.

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