Well, well ,well,I’m getting to enjoy to blog…quite a lot!


Who would have thought that I, a rather shy person,  could ever speak my mind out to so many people,as and too at my own convenience,  when i gather time from my so many monotonous household chores and that too at the comfort of my home!Try as i may like, I could never make so many friends!… and then get them to listen to my babbling too!

What i’m thinking of is, what  a great platform this place is for all of us to come together and share our mind, views, opinions…and follow each others thoughts, irrespective of our religion ,caste or creed.I mean we don’t ever go back on a particular blog to see where’s this person from before starting to ‘comment ‘or’ like’…. (God  forbid those who do…), or say to ourselves that he’s of a different colour, so i’m going to refrain from following his blog or liking it!

We all know what a great feeling it is to be appreciated ,in however small a form of expression  it may be in…..and  we CERTAINLY  DO NOT go back and see the origination of the person who has liked or commented on our views.We then become magnanimous and approve of them all.

Wouldn’t it be  such a beautiful world ,if we can carry  this kind of an attitude from within the confines of our computer screens to our everyday lives… where each one is there for the other.. always supporting, always encouraging,and getting encouraged and making each passable day, creating more value in our otherwise monotonous and robotic lives! We might then become more tolerant,more sympathetic and make this world a more tolerant and peaceful place,where we can express our views freely, without getting overwrought or distraught of hurting anyone’s sentiments…..

…The world of blogging is,certainly, such a place……let’s each do our best!

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