As soon as Amanda turned, her foot slid on the puddle of water, which obviously was the result of her hasty retreat from the bath tub. As she collapsed, a strange thought flashed through her head that the only place she was going anywhere this evening would probably be the hospital…and braced for head to hit to hit the floor! My God!… this was getting from bad to worse….when just than she felt a pair of strong arms coming out of almost nowhere and magically scoop her up. She was stunned both from her fall, and again from being rescued and seeing her rescuers face staring in intimately at her own face.
After a brief moment of concern, Brian’s expression changed over when his glance moved downwards. Without looking down, Amanda knew by watching his face that her robe had most certainly come undone .She tried to deftly cover herself up but could not get her hands to move fast enough, owing to her shocked stupor. She heard him mumbling something but could not register what .Dear God in heaven, this day could not possibly get any more dramatic, for sure Amanda thought and could not decide whether to laugh or to cry.
She cringed and shut her eyes and the next thing she knew was that she was being carried away .He laid her down gently on the , and she felt him holding her shoulders and shaking her up.’ Amanda are you alright? …..Amanda look at me…please open your eyes, Amanda!’She gingerly opened her eyes to immediately see his face in her line of vision.
His face was close, very close to hers. Heavens she thought, he looked like a Greek God from this up close and immediately closed her eyes again ,scared that he might read her thoughts.’ Brian, its ok… I’m fine… ‘She said. The next thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Brian kneeling down at her foot and trying to move her ankle all around. The feel of his fingers moving around gently on her skin sent strange waves of currents up Amanda’s legs. She jolted up from the couch sitting upright and spoke louder ‘Brian …I’m really alright’.
Seeing him blow a sigh of relief gave her more courage to declare herself in one piece. She gently placed her feet on the ground and tried getting up on her feet. She knew she’d probably acted too fast when she felt the room swimming around her. She felt Brian’s hands go around her to hold her up. Her hands too automatically landed on his shoulders and she felt herself hanging onto him. ’ Its ok’, he said ‘I’ve got you’ Oh sure he had had got her .Totally. She was completely awe-struck and mesmerized by his Greek looks.
She looked at him and felt him staring at her. His gaze left her eyes and slowly moved down to her lips and she’d swear she saw awareness enter his face and he immediately covered it up with a blank look. Of course he was not thinking of kissing her! She thought laughingly! She did really not seem to be alright after all, as she had thought!
Putting her away from himself he seated her on the couch once again.’Let me get you some brandy, it’ll do you some good’ And moved away towards the minuscule bar that she had decorated in the other corner of the living room.

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