Brian took off to the bar with relief. He could certainly do with a drink himself. He deftly poured himself vodka and gulped it down. Although he was looking forward to this evening, nothing had prepared him for this. On ringing the bell continuously, just when he was about to give up, the door had been flung open and the sight had shaken him up. The rest he had acted on autopilot. The scenes of the last past few minutes raced past his head, which got him to make himself another drink. He needed to get a control on himself. Feeling the soothing heat of the liquid going down his throat, he felt calmer.ES_romance_712x407_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Center

Taking the glasses he rushed and handed over Amanda’s drink to her. The smile which she gave him as her thanks had his heart skip a beat. ‘Look ‘he said’ if you don’t feel up to it we can do this another day.’

‘No, I’m fine. ‘She said.’ Besides we don’t have much time left. The wedding is only a few days away. I’ll just change and be back in 5 minutes.’  Saying that she left.

ALRIGHT, he thought to himself, she wants to do this for real, desperately. All the more reason for him to fall in line .OK, he had had wanted to kiss her back there at the sofa but what the hell. He had contained himself, hadn’t he? Of course he was just being sensitive to her situation and he found himself wanting to ,. That was it .OK, so what was wrong with that? He was after all committed to his career and by signing on the contract of a reasonably big production house; he had no time for fooling around.

However tempting the situation   in front of him may be.

Still lost in his thoughts, he heard the clicking of her heels as she approached him. He turned his head towards as he stood up. The sudden need to take in his breath, stumped him. He tried hard not to stare. She looked absolutely stunning in a short black dress. Her creamy complexion being highlighted stood out and her legs of course were so mesmerizing, he could hardly take his eyes away.

‘I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting; I’m ready to leave now’ her soft words brought him to his senses. ‘Oh yes of course’ he spoke out and exited out. He rounded up the car while she locked up and then settled her in before driving away.

Her mild perfume filled the car and he breathed it in. He was already having a difficult time trying not to devour her bare legs with his eyes. He tried to divert his gaze and met her glance with his own. She smiled sweetly, not knowing the havoc she was creating. He straightened and gripping the steering tightly, he tried to focus on driving the car.

Amanda was having trouble of her own. After all it was not every day that such a hunk showed up at her doorstep. She still had not recovered fully from the earlier escapade, although she tried not to show. His long fingers gripping the wheel were looking totally in command. The fine hair at the back of his hand glistened smoothly in the dim light and disappeared under the long sleeve of his shirt. She suddenly felt the urge to touch the shinning hair on the back of his hand, just to see if they fall back in place, if she were to stroke it. She clasped her hands tightly in the front, on her lap, scolding herself mentally.

No sooner had they started, they came to a halt.

Amanda looked around surprised. Why was Brian halting here? He went around the car to open the door for her. Seeing the look of question in her eyes he smiled, ‘we do need to have rings, if we are to be married, don’t we?’ She turned her gaze past him and found they were standing in front of a jewelry store. Realization dawned on her face and she smiled back ‘oh yes, I had not thought of that’.

This guy was a thorough professional , and here she was trying to day dream to her heart’s content!

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