Hi!Thanks hor visiting my blog!
I am Natalia Kaur and this blog is all about two things very close to my heart- Romance and Food.
Here you can you can just unwind and read short romantic stories or if in a mood to try out your culinary skills ,can get set to create one of my favourite recipes; each home tried a trillion of times and what’s best is though some of them are complex looking they are actually simple to make.
See you around here again ,another time!


2 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Argus says:

    Yay! I love being first … oops, that could be taken the wrong way. Damn! Er … hi there … (oops, what do people say after “Hi”?) errrrr, um … time to go check out some of those recipes (my curry last night was ‘interesting’ (Spouse said I shouldn’t have added the milk I’d cooked my lunchtime fish in) (she never tries my cooking—no sense of adventure some folks).

  2. nataliakaur says:

    Hey! Thanks Argus for stopping by to comment.I love your zeal for cooking! With a sense of adventure like yours ,which is truly remarkable ,I’m sure you will be able to dish up something of interest for her! Why don’t you try one of my recipies…..or betterstill wait for some more that I plan to share soon.
    Happy cooking!

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