“Hey Amanda”,Jamie’s excited voice jilted Amanda out of her sorrowful reverie.”You know what…I’ve found the perfect solution to the predicament you’ve landed yourself in ‘.Amanda straightened up and unconsciously held on tightly to the phone and held her breath.

“There’s  this guy”….she went on “I bumped into the gym class today…and knowing me ..how could I let up on a chance to chit chat… especially a hunk like this one.. and so we got chatting. Amanda he turned out to be a model and a t.v. artiste!!  Well ..a…off….late he’s himself said that he’s not got a great lot to do,but he’s hopeful that he will one day get a good break and will establish himself as an actor.”

Amanda sighed and tried not to do an eye-roll, don’t we all she thought to herself..” But what the heck..Amanda..”Jamie continued..I offered him the job of his dreams!I’ve asked him to act out the role of a fake fiance to you for the weekend.O.K. , she went on not pausing,you can say that he was a bit taken aback… but because of my ardent requests..he presently agreed.”

“You’r joking right,Jamie?” was all Amanda could say.

“I need to  warn you here Amanda  she carried on not listening-he comes at a high price.I closed in the deal,my dear as you really don’t have a choice.Besides, “Jamie paused, her voice catching on a dreamy note” hes’s too handsome to let go”.”Oh” was the only thing Amanda could force out of her mouth.Feeling both joy and dismay Amanda at once felt torn to break the entire plot to her family but on the other hand,she desperatelly wanted her sister’s wedding to pass away peacefully. So she quietly agreed to meet Mr. actor tomorrow at Mc. Loy’s Cafe a few blocks away from her flat.

Setting aside her school books that were waiting to be checked, she robotic-ally went through the motions of turning in for the night.She promised herself not to think at all and tightly shut her eyes and forced herself to think of her history class tomorrow. It was a long time before she fell asleep.


An actor and an unemployed one at that! hmm she was due to meet him at the cafe in an hour’s time.The day had gone on horribly. She had got up late and as she was scrambling to her school, she had run into Mr. Fisher,the maths head of department.Mr. Fisher’s prying eyes and sly looks had always bothered her and she normally kept away but today oh bother! she got waylaid  and had to walk up to the school with him and suffer him quietly.Her history class too did not go well and sounded boring even to her own ears!

As she was touching up her face, when it was finally time for her to go she made up her mind to go to this meeting with a very open  mind, meet this person and somehow get over with this bizarre scheme  by the weekend. Feeling positively better  she made her way down the block to the cafe.

She arrived at the cafe and started to look out for a person dressed in an all black ensemble. Jamie had told her that her ‘prince’ or rather fiance in waiting was to be wearing such a costume as he was coming from the shooting of a funeral scene and he was one of the many extra actors.Flying her gaze all over the crowed room, she could not find any such person, so she steered herself on to a table near the entrance , to the cafe where she had a clear view of those entering.

She had waited for a good part of an hour and had finished drinking two cups of coffee and was just contemplating on giving up her wait and head home.. when a cab skidded to a halt just in front of the cafe.From a cab emerged a rather tall person whose looks could very easily advertise any commodity very finely in any magazine.He offered  the taxi driver a smile of thanks as he paid him off and Amanda for a minute found herself  catching her breath.

As he turned to enter Amanda got a good look at him. He was dressed in all black .. making his shoulders look broad.Maybe he was wearing a hired outfit that was a size or two  small for him, she bemused!He had blond hair that was  a bit too long for her liking and styled all the way.He sure did look like the man!

His gait showed that he was very confident of himself. Good God Amanda  thought to herself, her friend was not exaggerating at all ..this guy looked like a Greek god!

Amanda was surely in trouble!!

From the way he stood  and surveyed the crowd at the entrance,she caught sight of several heads turning to look at him.Finally his glance fell on her and he started to move towards her.Amanda’s pulse started to quicken. As she attempted to stand as the stranger neared closer, she almost stumbled and caught herself and the falling chair in the nick of time.She looked up to find him grinning at her, showing off his perfect pearly white teeth almost magically aligned neatly together.

‘Hi!” he said while extending his hand “I’m assuming you are Amanda Brown since you’r the only one unaccompanied here.I’m Brian.”Nice Amanda thought to herself Mr. stud has brains too!This was turning out to be too much.

hey guys hope to liked the story so far … am going to publish the next part very soon SO please do come back after reading this…c..ya!

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Hi people!…I am a huge fan of Indian Chinese cooking… and today I’m sharing a  recipe which is a personal favourite of mine….CHILI CHICKEN.

Indo Chinese food is nothing but food cooked using some Chinese ingredients which are blended to suit Indian tastes.

Chili Chicken is one of my personal favourites.Not only is it extremely simple to cook but takes very little time too!Its deep dark colour contrasted with the gentle green colour of the scallions is simply too irresistible.

I can eat this anytime,just like that without any accompaniments!



5OO gms boneless chicken

1-2   red chili whole

5-6 green chillies chopped finely

1-2 Scallions/green onions finely chopped

1-2 tsp flour

1/2 cup milk

1 tbsp oil


1/2 pod of garlic all crushed maybe in a pestle 

1 inch of ginger also crushed in a pestle

4 tbsp of dark soya sauce

tbsp of vinegar

1/2 tsp of ajinomoto

1 tsp of sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper powder

Marinate the chicken pieces in the marinade for 1-2 hrs.

Heat oil.In the oil add the red chillies and stir till they change colour. Remove and discard.To this now slightly coloured and flavoured oil add the green chillies and as soon as they start sputtering add the flour stir for a minute.Quickly add milk and stir.

To this add the chicken pcs.along with the entire marinade. 

Cook till chicken is tender and juices dry up.

Throw in the scallion and gently toss before serving.

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Delicious Mutton/Lamb Kebab Recipe

When it comes to kebabs, this is the most simple recipe one could possibly make.Even my mom who’s not so good with Indian cooking found these easy to make!Not only are these kebabs delicious, but i find them to be very convenient starters especially if you are the cook and the host rolled into one!You can fry batches together that can keep stomachs filled for a long time… and leave you with spare time to look into the main dishes.Goes best with wine or drinks.


1 Kg Mutton/Lamb Mince

1 Onion roughly chopped

1 Pod of garlic roughly chopped

1.5 to 2 inches of ginger roughly chopped

about 3/4 cup of  Bengal gram Dal/cereal

8-10 green cardamoms pounded

6-8 black cardamoms pounded

4-5 cloves

8-10 black peppercorns

2-3 sticks of Cinnamon

3 leaves of bay leaves

1/2 a piece of nutmeg

2 eggs

1/2 tsp. of red chili powder

salt to taste

1 large cup of water for cooking

First start by layering half the quantity of mutton in a steamer.To this add half the quantity of water kept aside.Then add the Dal/cereal,onions,garlic,ginger,and all the remaining ingredients except the eggs ending with sprinkling the remaining water.Lastly finish with adding the remaining portion of the mince.

Steam in the steamer for about 10 mins on large flame and then another 10 mins on low flame.

Cool and grind the whole stuff in the blender.

To this mixture add the eggs and mix.

Wet your hands slightly and roll small portions into lemon sized balls .

You can either deep fry these or shallow fry them on a non stick pan or griddle.

Serve them with any dip or mint chutney.

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Jennifer Anniston’s need to have a baby was probably less than Amanda’s need to find herself a husband. Amanda Brown looked down  at her half eaten pizza on her coffee table and at the high stack of books onto the left of the uneaten and now cold pizza… and groaned. Oh God! how on earth had she got herself into such a mess!She was three days away from finding herself a groom, whom she had to present at the celebratory dinner party marking the start of festivities for the upcoming wedding of her little sister.

She had for the long time faked up the story of her being in a relationship with a seemingly tall and handsome businessman Ethan Louis who was forever globe trotting and busy like hell.It was not her fault .She was forced to make this kind of an announcement at the engagement of her sister Darcy,at the end of summer last.Her beautiful baby sister,the apple of every ones eyes with deep set dark blue eyes and skin the colour of peach and honey. Her barbie doll looks had charmed one and all.Even way back it was Darcy, her younger sister, who won the attention of all the boys aged from 6 to 60. In fact there was no competition at all…with a gap of good 12 years between them Darcy was everyone’s darling.With the passing away of their father when Amanda was all of 17, she was forced to grow up to handle all responsibilities. Her sickly mother was only just recovering for a fatal lung ailment herself and could do nothing to contribute to the running of the house. It was Amanda’s grit and the insurance money coming in every month that saw to the smooth running of the house.

Amanda until sometime ago had taken huge pride in completing her education  thanks to all the scholarships she had bagged.Her hard work at school and then at the teacher training course had paid off and she had passed with flying colours.She was now employed for many years at ST.Peter’s school know to be amongst the best in the region.Her childhood fantasy of becoming a teacher was fast coming undone…and now she was just not sure whether she was tailored for it

Her best friend Jamie …. already married and settled with two kids and other friends…. the same who had scorned at the choice of profession..were themselves doing very well … with most of them enjoying marital bliss and a corporate carrier  and not just that they were earning money bags too!Whereas Amanda after the age of 30, found herself out of the dating scene.Oh she had tried not that she hadn’t but she felt she could never be of the same brainwave as that of her dates who were mostly schoolteachers…and the salesmen variety  were not just her kind.

She distinctly remembered the incident when her best friend Jamie had tried to fix her up with a partner who turned out to be a salesman of a investing company.The whole evening to her passed away  in the blur of  him chatting unstoppably ..about himself off course and about his dental treatment..plan and all.. and about the way he handled some very nasty clients .The worst was that he took Amanda’s amusement to be an infatuation for the flair of his gob and redoubled his efforts with much keenness. His confidence that he had won her over even prompted him to suggest a wedding date. She had to put a stop to it only when she pretended to feel faintly and was able to bring the evening to a close.

That did it.Not to mention that lately every single person she encountered, thanks to her being part of a  large family, was solely interested  in pointing out  to her.. her marital status.Badgered to find herself any marriage partner so that poor thing could at least settle down , she came up with this idea. And so Ethan was born.. at her sisters engagement party off course…. and behold she was suddenly the centre of all attention .The gasps and shrill of happy cries still rang at her ears .Her mother looked as if she had suddenly gained 5 years of age.To Amanda great relief this announcement helped her to keep away all unsolicited beaus away. In all her 35 years she had never imagined that it would come to this.

Amanda’s pale blue eyes ,filled with unshed tears at the thought of breaking out her seceret to her mom and the resultant consequences…for there was certainly going to be plenty of reaction ..held regret and dismay at her hasty decision to create a mythical figure such asEthan Louis… for there was no such person at all.Her soft round angelic features now seemed to crumble and she was no the verge of breaking into hysteria.Just then the telephone rung and Amanda had to control herself. taking huge gasps of lung full air ..she calmed down to pick up the phone.


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Thats just me

Hi! im back…

you know i’v reading romance novels since i was a teen… and i’v enjoyed everyone of them!

recently whats got me  thinking… isthat is there really an age where a woman’s supposed to feel that she’s too old to read a romance book..after all her daughter is starting to pick up and read Cecelia Ahern.Will there come a time when we’r supposed to say..enough is enough…i’m done with romance and now i need to move over to heavier stuff.

NAH.. not for me..

I don’t think i’ll ever be able to give up on these books…no matter how old i turn …. my  love for romance has inspired me to try my hand at writing…so here at my blog you’ll find lots of romantic stories created by me …which you’ll surely love to read…. also since how can you read magical stuff on an empty stomach beats me… i will be adding a few of my fav. recipies on the blog too …a woman’s got to eat ‘got to eat..

hope you will enjoy reading my stories and trying your hand at the eatries…

I’ll be sharing my first story called  “A HUSBAND FOR ALL SEASONS” later on today with all of  you… .so please stay tuned in….

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a little about me

Hi! i’m Natalia Kaur and i’m looking forward to spending some good time sharing with you all my thoughts on romance and food!

i think the two surely go together,don’t you?they surely make great conversation starters!!..for woman.. 

p.s. men, would you please stick around with whatever interests you!!!

will be back soon…..


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